Beginning Harvard

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Harvard Memorial Hall
Convocation day, one year left to declare our concentration

I have a year to think about what my identity as a Chinese Malaysian means to me.

Whether to delve into astrophysics and functionally abandon my country or major in economics, government or other fields that can help develop our nation.

I will have to decide whether it’s fair to use this incredible education bestowed upon me to pursue my personal interests or to serve our people.

I will see whether I am a hypocrite to wear batik and hold the Jalur Gemilang on this convocation day but not return to my country on the day I graduate.

I will have to decide whether to play my small part in the collective force of change in Malaysia or dedicate myself to the study of the unreachable stars.

I will have only a minuscule impact on the country or the world, yet the decisions I will make are too big for this life I will look back on.