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Likes per View Finder

You give a YouTube channel. I rank their videos by likes per view. Code.


The best classes to take at Harvard, built with sentiment analysis and web scraping. Code.

SAPS Translator

Translates Malaysian school result transcripts from Malay to English. Code.

Kopitiam Maths

SPM Add Maths videos made with 3b1b’s Manim Python library. Code.

Light Pollution Meter

An Android app to measure night sky brightness in mpsas and uses the Moon to calibrate zero point.

ASCII Text Art to Image Generator

Generate images from ASCII text art. Yes, not the other way around. Code.


Daily dose of blogs from MIT and Harvard.

Avalon Analyser

A rigorous mathematical analysis on the Avalon board game. Code.

Constellation Memoriser

Help students familiarise the relative positions of IAU constellations. Code.

Stereophonic Hearing

Simulating the emergence of stereophonic hearing using my NEAT implementation.

Old Projects

A collection of games and quirky apps.