MAD: Morality , Absurdity, and Rationality

Say Russia launched nukes at the the United States. Interception is painstakingly difficult especially with multiple warheads per target, with the American cities essentially guaranteed to be destroyed. In accordance with Mutually-Assured Destruction (MAD), the American government should retaliate by launching its own nukes towards Russian cities, before the Russian nukes can incapacitate the American… Continue reading MAD: Morality , Absurdity, and Rationality

Beginning Harvard

I have a year to think about what my identity as a Chinese Malaysian means to me. Whether to delve into astrophysics and functionally abandon my country or major in economics, government or other fields that can help develop our nation. I will have to decide whether it’s fair to use this incredible education bestowed… Continue reading Beginning Harvard

Black holes, sandcastles and burning libraries

Orgy is commonly portrayed in pop culture media in the face of an inevitable apocalypse. The imminent end of times splits the average human into two: salvation by God and the descent to ultimate hedonism. But isn’t the end in our real world already certain? In apocalyptic books and movies, we see the breakdown of human spirituality… Continue reading Black holes, sandcastles and burning libraries

Analysis of TMUA 2021

Results for TMUA are reported on a scale that runs from 1 (low) to 9 (high), with scores being reported to one decimal place. The scale has been designed so that approximately one third of candidates will achieve overall scores higher than 6.5. High scores are capped at 9.0. The distribution of the 2021 TMUA… Continue reading Analysis of TMUA 2021

The current condition

The death of curiosity Lack lustre dreams How the gravel is made Anarchy of the conscious and the unconscious Obsessed with vague notions of death Questionable Parched dry throat Angst of the adolescent? I should use Twitter Growing up? Or losing innocence Becoming of a “man” Does jumbled thoughts count as poetry? Human condition befalls

Trans-generational crises, dark forest, and the human indifference towards the end of it all.

Just finished reading the second book of Liu Cixin’s trilogy Remembrance of Earth’s Past. The Dark Forest is very impressionable strong science fiction, a well-thought out exploration and experimentation in the politics and society facing a looming crisis (in this case, a technologically superior alien invasion). Note, it is not an immediate crisis, but a… Continue reading Trans-generational crises, dark forest, and the human indifference towards the end of it all.

IAO Materials

I have made/compiled some materials for the (International Astronomy Olympiad) IAO Malaysian team that I previously released to the public here. Feel free to use it for your own training.

Behind the scenes:

In the winter (laughing in Malaysian weather) of 2017, I started my self-coaching coding journey by reading “Javascript for dummies” from PDF Drive. Things escalated quickly as I discovered how to make things move by manipulating the CSS styles of a HTML element dynamically via Javascript. I begin to start making some games using this… Continue reading Behind the scenes: